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by Philippe Domogala

IFATCA Industry Partner Coordinator

On 25th March 2023, the Norwegian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (NATCA) celebrated their 50th anniversary in Oslo. On this occasion, they presented a book retracing the last ten years of their association and a follow-up to their previously distributed history book coving the first 40 years.

Much has changed since 1973 for the air traffic controllers in Norway, as it has for most controllers worldwide. The Norwegians presently enjoy relatively good working conditions, including salary. Still, it has not always been easy, as Rolf Skrede, past NATCA President for many years, reminded the audience. Robert Gjønnes, the current President, also mentioned the difficulties with the lack of staff, remote operations and the economic impact of the war Between Russia and Ukraine. Norway directly borders Russia in the north of the country and is watching what is happening very closely.

Despite these issues, it was good to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a robust association. The speeches were followed by an excellent dinner at a beautiful location and live classical music to mark the occasion. And in true Norwegian style, humour was not far away with a few homemade performances from controllers, which were sometimes hilarious.

Happy birthday NATCA, and all the best for the next 50 years!