IFATCA is a federation of professional associations, organizations, and guilds of air traffic control personnel. Individual membership of the Federation is in principle only through membership of such an organisation. Only in cases where this is not possible, because no local association is possible can a individual association be considered.


Involvement in IFATCA gives you and your Association a chance to bring your voice to the international stage and to represent you. By participating and interacting and discussing with other Member Associations, your Association gets to:

  • Access information regarding new technologies and procedures
  • Obtain or provide mutual support from/to other MAs
  • Form alliances and co-operation platforms with other Associations
  • Compare working conditions, pay, technology, etc.
  • Gain a closer understanding of global ATC operations.

Another very important function of our attendance is that through IFATCA we are able to provide input into the ICAO process. Generally, a relatively small employee representative body would not be recognised at this level. Through years of hard work, IFATCA has in the meantime gained a lot of recognition within ICAO and has actively contributed to a number of ICAO initiatives, such as Fatigue Management and training policies. It is important that we have an ability to provide a balance between the state and service provider at this global level.

Today, IFATCA continues to work hard on the major issues that affect the ATC environment. These include:

  • Commercialisation and corporatisation of ATC
  • Technology such as new surveillance methods, remote towers, CPDLC
  • Consolidation of service providers – including the Single European Sky project and the contracting of ATC by one State to another
  • Accidents and incidents – IFATCA looks at the treatment of controllers, the process of investigation into causes, and the thoroughness of investigations.
  • On-going involvement with ICAO and regional aviation organisations. IFATCA is one of only three organisations with official observer status at ICAO. We also play an increasingly important role in several regional organisations, such as EUROCONTROL

Professional Association Membership

Eligible for affiliation as a Member Association is any professional association, organization, or guild of air traffic control personnel whose technical objects are essentially the same as those of the Federation.

The IFATCA Constitution and Administrative Manual list the following conditions for associations considering joining the federation:

  • Only one association, organization or guild of air traffic control personnel may be accredited as a Member Association for an area of representation at any one time.
  • Any applicant association, organization or guild of air traffic control personnel must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Directors that it actually represents, or has the possibility to represent, a majority of the air traffic controllers within its area of representation.
  • By applying for professional membership, the prospective Member Association shall agree and subscribe, without reservation, to all provisions, conditions and regulations contained in the Convention, the Constitution, and the Bye-Laws.
  • Affiliation of a prospective Member Association is subject to approval by a two-thirds vote of the Directors.
  • Where an applicant seeks affiliation from an area of representation in which the Federation already has a Member Association, acceptance of the application from the new organization by the Directors shall automatically cause termination of the affiliation of the existing Member Association.
  • Where an applicant seeks affiliation subsequent to termination or withdrawal of a Member Association in the same or similar area of representation, the Directors at Conference shall have the authority to require, or to waive, payment of the outstanding debt (in whole or in part) owed by the previous Member Association when considering their application for membership.
  • An ATC association eligible for Professional membership is ineligible for Corporate Membership.
  • Applications for professional membership shall be directed to the IFATCA Office and shall include all necessary information as specified in the Bye-Laws.

For more information, please contact the IFATCA Office.

Associate Professional Membership

Eligible for Associate Professional Membership are all individual air traffic controllers employed in areas of representation, where there is no possibility of affiliation to the Federation through a Member Association.

The status of Associate Professional Member may be conferred on or revoked from any eligible individual, by the Executive Board, at any time, without obligation to provide reasons.

Associate Professional Members may participate in the affairs of the Federation as specified in the Bye-Laws, and attend as observers at Conferences and meetings, except that they shall not be allowed to hold any elective office in the Federation, or have any right to vote.

When the Federation admits to Professional status a Member Association in which an Associate Professional Member would be eligible for membership, their Associate Professional Membership shall be automatically terminated.

Applications for Associate Professional Membership shall be directed to the IFATCA Office and shall include all necessary information as specified in the Bye-Laws.


Individual professional membership of the Federation is only possible through membership of the Member Association in the area of representation in which the individual normally lives and/or is employed.

An individual who lives and/or is employed in an area which has no Member Association, or which has a Member Association that the individual is not eligible to join, may be accepted for professional membership through another Member Association if s/he is eligible under that Member Association’s rules.

Only those members who are actively employed in the provision of air traffic control services including instruction, maintaining standards of performance, supervision, operational support and safety regulation and who hold or are required to have held a formal qualification to control air traffic, shall be eligible to be declared as individual professional members.

Members of a Member Association who previously met these criteria and who have retired shall also be eligible for individual professional membership.

Members of a Member Association who do not meet these criteria but who work actively for the interests of the profession of air traffic control shall also be eligible for individual professional membership.

Individuals who are not otherwise eligible to be members of the Member Association appropriate to their location but who have demonstrated by their contribution to the work of the Federation that they actively support the aims and objectives of the Federation may be elected to Honorary Associate Membership.


Contact the IFATCA Office via

Disclaimer: while every precaution was taken to ensure the above information is correct, the IFATCA Administrative Manual is the overriding reference in determining eligibility for IFATCA Membership