IFATCA Standing Committees


IFATCA’s Finance Committee (FIC) reviews the accounting books of the Federation. They investigate and report on any matter of concern and/or discrepancies which may appear in the books or be brought to their attention. They can make recommendations to Executive Board or annual conference, including on issues regarding income disbursements to resolve problematic situations or financial difficulties which may arise. In addition, they review affiliation fees, annual subscription rates and maximum subscription rates; Member Association categorisations based on the classifications applied in the annual World Bank World Development Reports; Conference contribution and Conference deficit guarantee; and the Inflation Factor derived from the International Monetary Fund’s International Financial Statistics, Inflation for Industrial Countries.

They recommend auditors for all accounts of the Federation and assure, in the event of the dissolution of the Federation, the proper transfer and disposal of all assets and/or property which may remain following satisfaction of all the Federation’s debts and liabilities in accordance with the Constitution. They also assist the Executive Vice-President Finance in the preparation of financial statements and/or proposed budgets, when requested.

The current chairman of the FIC is Daniel Nartey (Ghana) and the committee consists of three Member Associations, elected in Committee A at the Annual Conference. Current members are:

  • USA
  • Dominican Republic
  • Trinidad & Tobago

The committee can be reached via e-mail: fic.chair@ifatca.org

Constitution and Administration Committee (CAC)

IFATCA’s Constitution and Administration Committee (CAC) studies proposals for amending the Constitution and administrative By-Laws. Such proposals may be originated by Member Associations, the Executive Board or the Standing Committee itself.

The study of proposals shall contain considerations in favour and against and, when appropriate, the formulation of draft texts for inclusion in the Constitution and/or the By-Laws. These texts will be proposed to Conference either directly or, at their request, on all or specific items, through the Executive Board.

The Committee is currently chaired by Rob Mason (Australia) and can be reached via cac.chair@ifatca.org

In addition to the Chair, CAC consists of three Member Associations. Currently serving on the Committee are:

  • Ghana
  • Canada
  • Uganda
  • Trinidad & Tobago (corresp.)

The committee can be reached via e-mail: cac.chair@ifatca.org

Professional & Legal Committee (PLC)

IFATCA’s Professional & Legal Committee (PLC) consists of ten Member Associations, in addition to a Chairman. Their main tasks include to study matters related to the human and environmental factors in the air traffic controller’s profession; to make recommendations on selection, recruitment and training of air traffic controllers; to study matters concerning the legal liability of air traffic controllers, and provide Member Associations and the Executive Board with advice on legal issues when so requested; to study legal matters concerning the safety of aviation and, in particular, causes of incidents and the standardisation of investigation procedures; and to encourage and advise the Executive Board and Member Associations in sponsoring the passage of legislation and regulations which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation and uphold and enhance the professional status of the air traffic controller.

The Committee undertake regular reviews of IFATCA professional and legal policy, and present this in writing to the Directors of the Member Associations for consideration at each IFATCA Conference. They also prepare reports, working papers, proposals or recommendations, as considered appropriate, to Conference either directly or as directed by Conference or the Executive Board.

They also maintain liaisons with the professional and legal committees of international pilot associations and other international organisations and aviation groups.

The PLC Chairman is Adam Exley (UK GATCO).

The following Member Associations currently (2024) serve as a member of the PLC:




Hong Kong







South Africa

United States of America

The committee can be contacted via e-mail: plc@ifatca.org.

Technical and Operational Committee (TOC)

IFATCA’s Technical and Operational Committee (TOC) consists of six elected Member Associations and up to eight technical representatives appointed jointly by the Executive Vice-President Technical and Chairman TOC.

The Committee is tasked with the continuous review of present IFATCA technical and operational policy and present it in writing for the Directors of the Member Associations of IFATCA to consider annually at each IFATCA Conference.

In addition, they re-write and update IFATCA policy in the form of amendments to the relevant ICAO publications and examine study material and information submitted to the committee in order that research and cross checking of IFATCA policy can be undertaken so that the Federation’s policy-making decisions and undertakings may be clearly explained, as may be required.

They also maintain an effective liaison with international pilot associations and other international organisations and aviation groups, preparing reports upon same for conference consideration of the problems affecting such organisations relevant to the air traffic system throughout the world.

The TOC is currently chaired by Jaymi Steinberg (USA NATCA).

Current (2024) elected Member Associations on TOC are:






Hong Kong





The committee can be contacted via toc.chair@ifatca.org