The Air Traffic Management Operations Panel was established by the ANC on 5 May 2012. The Panel is tasked to work on a number of operational issues and to endeavour significant work stemming from the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).


The ATMOPSP will undertake specific studies, develop and review technical and operational ICAO provisions for improving safety, efficiency and harmonization in the areas of ATM, flight operations, ATFM, airspace management, procedures and phraseology.


Develop strategy and coordinated solutions for ATS, airspace management and ATFM, stemming from requirements elaborated in the ASBUs and other sources, consistent with the need to ensure a harmonized global ATM operational environment. Develop and maintain SARPs, PANS and guidance material for ATS, ATFM, procedures and phraseology for ATC, airspace management and civil military coordination.

Working Arrangements

The ANC has specified the establishment of one specific working group under the ATMOPS panel: the Wake Turbulence Specific Working Group (WTSWG). The panel chairperson may establish additional working groups as necessary, as per Doc 7984. ATMOPSP should coordinate its work with the various groups of experts responsible for other Annexes and disciplines, as appropriate.

Required expertise

The panel is composed of experts familiar with the provisions contained in Annex 2, 11, PANS-ATM and PANS OPS. The members also have operational experience in ATS, ATM, ATFM, aircraft operations and civil military cooperation. Knowledge of human factors and regulatory matters is also required.


Mr. Taylor is currently an air traffic controller in Brisbane Tower, where he also served temporarily as acting tower manager. He is assisting the FIR manager with safety management, operational procedures development, liaison and staff management. Mr. Taylor has been involved with ATMOPS since 2019 and is the rapporteur of the ATS Planning Manual Sub-Group; leader of the Lost C2 Link Drafting Group and the ATS Handling of In-Flight Emergencies Drafting Group; member of the Detect and Avoid Drafting Group, the Air Traffic Flow Management Sub-Group and the Cold Temperature Correcton Sub-Group. Mr. Taylor has also served IFATCA on the Technical and Operational Committee since 2012. He started his carreer as an air traffic controller and later as a supervisor in Melbourne ACC in Australia in 2007. He also holds a private pilot licence. Mr. Taylor can be reached at