Support Ukrainian CONTROLLERS

Together with the rest of the world, IFATCA remains deeply concerned about the unprovoked attack on Ukraine and the impact on the country’s population, including our colleagues and their families. As shown throughout history, armed conflict and aggression are never a solution. IFATCA urges all involved to immediately cease hostilities, to respect international agreements and to de-escalate the situation immediately through negotiation and mediation.

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians that seek refuge in neighbouring countries are of course also air traffic controllers and/or their families. They find help and support from countless volunteers, including IFATCA Member Associations that offer support to friends and colleagues from Ukraine. Using their own resources, they arrange transportation, material support and lodging in their own homes.

Having received requests for support from these neighbouring associations, IFATCA has taken a number of initiatives to offer as much support as possible.

Need help? Or want to help?

Send an e-mail and let IFATCA know

Financial Support

IFATCA collects money to support Ukrainian colleagues via the European Support Fund (ESF). Thank you for the Associations and individuals that have generously donated and continue to do so.

UPDATE: after discussion at the European Regional meeting in Brussels  last October it was decided to concentrate the donations towards the member Associations ( mainly Poland and Romania) that directly support our Ukrainian colleagues’ families at the border with Ukraine.
Therefore, we will no longer provide direct financial support to individuals from 1 January 2023, and can no longer accept individual requests for support.
This is unfortunate given the continued aggression towards Ukraine and its people but  we have to reconcile the money being donated with the demand and that our colleagues in bordering countries are best placed to judge these demands.

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