Separation and Airspace Safety Panel


The ANC agreed in 2000 that the former Review of the General Concept of Separation Panel (RGCSP) be changed to the Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP). The Commission considered that this change would better reflect the broad scope of thePpanel’s work programme and provided an appropriate emphasis on ICAO’s primary objective to ensure airspace safety while improving efficiency of operations.


The SASP will undertake specific studies, develop and review technical and operational ICAO provisions for improving safety and, at the same time, improve efficiency of the ATM system, mainly through developments that will result in increased airspace and airport capacity while maintaining or improving safety using reduced separation minima.


In fulfilling its mandate and in line with the GANP, the panel will develop SARPs, PANS and related guidance material supporting separation minima, taking into account future demands on airspace and airport capacity, communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems available and agreed levels of safety.

Working Arrangements

The panel chairperson may establish working groups as necessary, as outlined in Doc 7984. The SASP should coordinate their work with the various other groups of experts responsible for other disciplines, as appropriate.

Required expertise

The panel is composed of specialists involved in airspace management, monitoring of operations, ATS, aircraft operations, mathematics and statistics to support risk assessment, and communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems.


Mr. David Perks (Australia) represents IFATCA on the Panel. Mr. Perks was an operational Air Traffic Controller in Australia from 1994 to 2013. In 2008, he completed a Bachelor of Laws degree and was admitted as a lawyer in Queensland, Australia in August 2011. From 2013 until present, he worked as a Senior ATS Specialist for Airservices Australia. Mr. Perks can be reached at