Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel


The Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel was established by the ANC in December 2004, in order to work on ATM operational concepts, obtain consensus on several issues, such as autonomy of flight, separation assurance, collision avoidance, situational awareness, optimization of traffic flows, etc. ATMRPP is expected to undertake specific studies in order to develop SARPs, procedures and guidance material necessary for the evolutionary implementation of an integrated, global air traffic management system.


The ATMRPP will undertake specific studies, develop and review technical provisions to support the integration of the GANP and develop concepts and provisions aimed at the realization of the vision established by the Global ATM Operational Concept (GATMOC).


Develop and update strategies and plans for aeronautical communications harmonization outlined in the GANP, consolidate and develop operational requirements for voice and data communications, monitor the development and implementation of ATM communication systems and facilities and develop provisions and guidance material for: - Air-ground and ground-ground data applications for ATS - A performance-based framework for communications and surveillance - C2 links for RPA - ATC links for RPA - SATCOM voice - Procedures to support ATM voice and data communications - Provisions on cyber-security for ATM communications - Infrastructure to support the above

Working Arrangements

The ANC has specified the establishment of one specific working group under the ATMOPS panel: the Wake Turbulence Specific Working Group (WTSWG). The panel chairperson may establish additional working groups as necessary, as per Doc 7984. ATMOPSP should coordinate its work with the various groups of experts responsible for other Annexes and disciplines, as appropriate.

Required expertise

The panel is composed of experts familiar with air traffic management, aircraft operations, information management and system engineering.


Mr. De Wei Lim is an ATCO with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. He has 10 years of experience, and holds the Area Control (Surveillance & Procedural) rating, as well as the Search and Rescue (SAR) rating. Mr. Lim holds the appointment of Senior Air Traffic Control Manager in the ATM Plans and Development division and is responsible for collaboration with international partners for implementation of ATM initiatives. He is an appointed Unit Check Controller (Area Control), a certified team leader for OJT, and has also taken the role of an Area (Procedural) course instructor in the Singapore Aviation Academy. Mr. Lim participates actively in international and regional fora such as the FAA-led Multi-Regional Trajectory Based Operations (MR TBO) demonstration (Project lead for Singapore). The MR TBO project aims to identify and validate key TBO enablers, including System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE). He is also actively involved in ASEAN and Asia Pacific meetings. In his personal capacity, Mr. Lim is the President of the Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (Singapore) (ATCA-S). Mr. Lim can be reached at