Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel


The Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP) was established by the ANC on 12 September 2014. The Panel is tasked to continue the work of the former Aerodromes Panel (AP), but with greater emphasis on efficiency and capacity issues through enhanced aerodrome operations.


The ADOP undertakes specific studies and subsequently develops provisions relating to aerodrome design and operations, as outlined in the GANP and the GASP.


Develop and maintain SARPs, procedures and guidance materials for the global reporting format for runway surface condition reporting, arresting system, ACDM and industry best practices, procedures on airport operational management activities, airport emergency response including rescue and fire fighting, A-SMGCS, final approach and take-off area characteristics for heliports and obstacle limitation surfaces.

Working Arrangements

The ANC has specified the establishment of two major working groups under the ADOP: Design WG and Operations WG. Additionally, the PANS-Aerodromes Study Group (PASG) is tasked with developing aerodrome operational procedures in PANS-Aerodromes. The panel chairperson may establish additional working groups as necessary, as per Doc 7984. ADOP should coordinate their work with the various groups of experts responsible for other Annexes and disciplines, as appropriate.

Required expertise

The panel is composed of experts involved in the regulation and operation of aerodromes. Their work include aerodrome planning and design, system capacity enhancement, certification, visual aids for navigation, operations and services, emergency response planning and heliports. The expertise of the panel also includes ATM, aircraft operations and AIM.


Mrs. Bridget Singratanakul (Gee) (United States of America) represents IFATCA on the Panel. Mrs. Singratanakul has been an ATCO at Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) tower for over five years, and she previously worked as an approach and tower controller at San Antonio (Texas). She is also the National Runway Safety Representative and Runway Status Representative for NATCA. Bridget also holds a Commercial multi-engine pilot license. Mrs. Singratanakul can be reached at