Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in IFATCA

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We hope you have seen the social media posts from the Equity Diversity and Inclusion task force during June, highlighting IFATCA’s ethos of inclusion within our federation. IFATCA works hard to make our members feel safe, seen, valued, and included. We know that in voluntary organizations like ours, our members are the organization. We are so proud of all our volunteers who work tirelessly on behalf of our federation and our profession all over the world. We know ATCOs come in all shapes, sizes, and colours!

The IFATCA Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force has members from all four IFATCA regions. All are passionate about making IFATCA a safe, inclusive environment. They work with and support the Executive Board and other leaders within the federation to keep this ethos at the forefront of all we do. You may not even notice this work in the background. It involves practical actions such as encouraging inclusive language and ensuring diverse representation on committees, and having diverse role models in Air Traffic Management is very important. By doing this, IFATCA aims to create a supportive environment where all members can develop and prosper regardless of their background.

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan is a testament to IFATCA’s dedication to continuous improvement, fostering a culture where all our members can develop and thrive as aviation professionals. IFATCA also works with our sister organizations in aviation, like IFALPA and IFATSEA, on this topic. In addition, we are working with ICAO, EASA, EUROCONTROL, and other international bodies. This allows us to shape and improve the diversity and inclusion agenda in the entire aviation sector.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are not just values, but actionable commitments for IFATCA. By promoting a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment, IFATCA ensures that all members feel valued and empowered. This commitment is essential for the continued success and evolution of the federation, reflecting the diversity and unity of its members across the globe.

(If you want to get involved, please contact sverre.elsbak@ifatca.org )